Finding the Weather That is Just Right

When I was growing up in New England I had always dreamed of living down south. As much as I loved the change of seasons I hate snow so of course when I was choosing a place to got to college I chose the one furthest south that I could find, in Florida. As it turns out I hate moist, hot weather almost as much as I hate snow so when I got a job offer in Tennessee I took it and went to work looking for an apartment in Cordova TN. I figured being in Tennessee would be the best of both worlds, not as hot and muggy as Florida but also not as cold and frigid as Maine, where I grew up.

I found the most adorable apartment. It had hard wood floors and light blue walls with granite counter tops and stainless steel appliances. It was basically the perfect apartment for me. I moved in with just a few pieces of furniture and figured I would be able to buy more stuff to fill the space as I went along.

I met one of my neighbors a month after moving there and he had a bunch of furniture he was selling very cheap to make way for the new handmade furniture he had just had custom made in town. Even his old furniture that he was getting rid of was exquisite and thanks to those pieces and some thrifty bargains from yard sales my house looked like something out of a catalog in no time.

I had a few relatives come down to visit and see my first place and they were astonished, not only by how little it had cost to furnish but also by the low price I was paying per month for such a nice place. It’s great to be living in this spot that is the perfect one for me.