Perfect for Keeping Your Privacy

My husband and I recently sought out the services for residential window tinting for Sydney due to us moving into a new luxury home. We had worked hard for decades so that one day we could have a house with a gorgeous view, a swimming pool, and other luxury accommodations. And we made it! We got the house! The view is to die for. The swimming pool is perfect. And the house does indeed have a luxurious feel just like what we wanted. All we had to do was move in and enjoy everything. But there was a problem.

And isn’t there always a problem? We had these gorgeous floor to ceiling bay windows looking out over the pool and across the way and the view is great, but there wasn’t anything on the windows to prevent people from looking right into our house. I was mortified when I accidentally discovered how visible we were from the outside. For goodness sake I’d walked through that very room with not much in the way of clothing on. I’d also strolled through there in the morning in a bathrobe and slippers with my messy morning hair. I couldn’t imagine how many laughs we’d generated in the neighborhood.

That’s why we went with the window tinting. We found a great company who came out and installed it and it’s far more private. We could have went with blinds, but blinds need cleaning and they make the room gloomy. Also they tend to fade due to the exposure to the sunlight and you have to replace them. So really it was a no brainer to go with the tinted windows. And they look marvelous. We can look out but most people can’t see unless you’re standing right up next to the window. It has worked out perfectly.