This Apartment Defintely Feels Like Home

I thought that when I started looking at three bedroom apartments in Orlando Florida, it would take me some time to find one that would feel like home to my family. My wife and I have two teen daughters, and we wanted an apartment that would be home rather than just someplace we were living. Family is very important to us, which is why I was prepared to take as long as I needed to find the right apartment for the four of us. I knew it had to be a three bedroom because the girls have shared a bedroom their entire lives, and I wanted them to have that taste of independence that all children should have.

Well, it did not take me a long time. It actually took me hardly any time at all. The first apartment complex I looked at was the Murano Apartments. I looked at the floor plan for the three bedroom apartment, and it was perfect for us. The master bedroom is on one side of the apartment with its own bathroom, and the other two bedrooms are on the other side with their own bathroom to share.

Not only would they each have their own bedroom, but it would also not be right next to ours. That they have their own bathroom to share was another huge point for all of us. There is a balcony, a separate laundry room, plenty of closet space, an island in the kitchen as well as a separate dining room, and just so much more that I knew it was perfect for us. When I showed it to my wife and girls, they all got excited and asked when we were moving. It did not take that long to get everything sorted properly, and this definitely does feel like home for all four of us.