Import animal skin or ivory

Import animal skin or ivory

Import goods either by requiring goods or when importing through a single transaction or through a company requires different licenses, licenses and permits from the government. When trying to import something, the person may need to talk with the authorities and check the federal laws on the issue.

Restrictions on foreign property

If the person trying to import the animal hide or ivory has the penalty of the foreign government or owns the property, he or she must transfer customs restrictions in the United States before granting permission to bring the items to the nation. In addition, a person can not be reimbursed to take animal skins from the American country to a foreign nation through any nations laws. Restrictions may exist based on threatened species or through illegal trafficking of animal skins or ivory. Many owners of such property are either poachers or engage in illegal activities with poachers.

Types of restrictions

Customs tariffs for individual countries may have different types of restrictions. This can prevent both property and supplies from building on existing and past laws that are still available. Many of these restrictions impose a burden on import or export for the person and can prevent food, pets, skins, medication and animal parts such as ivory from transportation. The customs authority may need to explain the details of the person based on further changes or changes to the local laws. Others in the middle of attempted transactions can lead to penalties for violations of the laws governing the restrictions.

To bring goods to the country

Usually, the person who wants to import the items wants to buy them at a different location outside the country and then try to import them during a flight or other form of transportation to the country. If the individual meets customs agents, he or she may suffer from the consequences of not declaring the goods. Illegal imports can lead to penalties such as seizure and loss of the property as well as significant fines that may increase to the whole value of animal skins or ivory taken in the country. Then the person is both the property and the amount in the value of the objects.

Import restrictions

Most countries will limit what somebody may bring in a country. If the person tries to use illegal means, the customs and other federal agents may be involved and arrest the person. Some restrictions include money exceeding a certain amount of valuable and semi-precious metals, weapons, antiques, animal skins of any kind, religious artifacts and ivory or other important animal parts. Attempts to circumvent these laws can lead to a detention pending criminal proceedings against the person. Interference in criminal activity such as poaching or illegal import or export could see the person behind bars with a conviction.

Foreign and national embassies

Before initiating the activity of importing animal skin, ivory or animal parts, he or she should contact the local or foreign embassy to determine if there are current or any future restrictions that may prohibit the import of such items. The country can change the rules and apply the restriction to move these items from one nation to another during the current year, and this can cause further complications for the individual. In many situations, the attempt to import leads to consequences that charge the person with involvement in poaching or similar crimes.

If the country allows for the export or import of animal skin or ivory at that time, it is usually by permission that the person is allowed to transport the items. Crimes against foreign customs guidelines and rules may meet detention, foreign government costs, fines and seizure of the property. Some situations lead to imprisonment with the other country. Getting permission can take time, and its important to make sure nothing moves before all processes are complete. This prevents violations and further problems by customs authorities between countries. If the case involves a crime, the individual may need to hire an international attorney to help mitigate the damage.

The international lawyer with animal skins or ivory

Many countries do not allow imports of any or some animal skins or ivory at any time. Crimes involving these items can lead to charges with international consequences. Hiring a lawyer who understands these issues and protects the persons rights is crucial. This can prevent imprisonment or other serious penalties.

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